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August 1, 2021

Fans will be seeing a lot more of Bad Bunny on WWE TV


During a post-Raw interview for WWE.com, it was implied that the Miz and John Morrison feud with Bad Bunny is not over after Bad Bunny attacked Morrison and helped Damian Priest get a win over The Miz on Monday Night Raw.

PWInsider is reporting that there are plans to have Bad Bunny involved at WrestleMania 37 and there was a pitch made to have him wrestle on the show. It remains to be seen if he does wrestle on the show.

Bad Bunny is a long-time wrestling fan with a huge following so if you are wondering why WWE is working with him, that is the reason why. This is being seen as a massive crossover opportunity for WWE and as a way to give a boost to Damian Priest, who is expected to get a big push.

Bad Bunny is a massive Reggaeton star with a massive fanbase and his appearances this weekend have already been seen by millions of fans that would normally not watch WWE. In addition to the impressions garnered on Bad Bunny’s social media accounts, his appearances have also drawn extra interest from mainstream media outlets. Bad Bunny is also a long-time wrestling fan and it has been his dream to do something with WWE so he is getting that chance now.


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