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Bob Yalen is one of boxing’s most revered and respected figures. The Connecticut-based man has an unrivaled wealth of experience in boxing, working with the likes of ABC, ESPN, the WBC, and now management juggernaut MTK Global, acting as the company CEO and president.

Andre Rozier is arguably one of boxing’s most respected trainers and advisors. Having produced some of New York’s finest fighters from their infant years, with the likes of Sadam Ali, Curtis Stevens, Daniel Jacobs, and many more top class talent who owe much of their success to the guidance of Rozier.

With the partnership of MTK Global and Havoc being at the forefront of the boxing world currently, the pair convened for the first time at the Mohegan Sun Casino last weekend. Brooklyn’s Rozier discussed his initial meeting with Yalen:

He said, “I have known Bob for a minute! We have seen each other around for years and years so to finally sit down under the great auspicious That is as Havoc and MTK being partners was a delight.

“I really feel we see the direction of how things are heading in boxing as a whole in a very similar light, and with the MTK Global and Havoc partnership we will work together to help the sport and the fighters. I am delighted to be singing off the same hymn sheet as Bob and I’m very excited about what the future holds with MTK Global and Havoc.”

MTK Global and Havoc reached a partnership agreement in August of 2020, which will see the two entities work in unison with the quest to raise the standard of boxing as a whole within the USA.

MTK’s Yalen gave his comment on the initial meeting with Havoc chief Andre Rozier, in what is set to be the first of many meetings between the pair:

Yalen said, “We all have a collective goal, and that is to make boxing better and for us to be better at what we do. Seeing things in the same way in the boxing industry is a key to success and I’m very confident that we are going to have a long and successful partnership.

“We have very similar outlooks on how boxing needs to get better, and we will be working closely together to develop strategies to improve the boxing culture for the fighters. Without the fighters we don’t have boxing, so they are our priority and making things better for them is our goal.”

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